New Brochure for the Deaf Catholic Archives

New Brochure for the Deaf Catholic Archives

I wanted to share this .pdf (click the link above) of a new brochure on the contents of the Deaf Catholic Archives at Holy Cross College in Worcester, Massachusetts. Fr. Joseph Bruce, S.J., has been working this year as a special assistant to the archivist. As a result, it should be much easier to find specific materials when I do research this summer for my U.S. Catholic Historian article. I’ll post more later about how great it looks now (no doubt!) compared to what I saw last time I visited.

Fr. Tom Coughlin to be Awarded Honorary Doctorate

Fr. Tom Coughlin to be Awarded Honorary Doctorate

At Gallaudet’s May 2014 commencement, Fr. Tom Coughlin will receive an honorary doctorate. Maybe a commencement address is in the plan, too!

“Father Coughlin is well known for his pioneering work in the ministerial field. He is one of the first deaf priests in North America, and his work in the deaf community is well known, particularly with youths. After working as a home missionary priest for the International Catholic Deaf Association, he founded Camp Mark Seven, a program for Catholic deaf youth and adults, in Old Forge, N.Y. He also is noted for establishing the House of Studies for Deaf Seminarians in Yonkers, N.Y., which was later transferred to San Antonio, Tex., where it became known as the Dominican Missionaries for the Deaf Apostolate.”

The Hand: Organ of the Mind

The Hand: Organ of the Mind

Here’s an academic book review (link above) of interest to fans of preaching in sign language.  A quote from the review, which is by Istvan Aranyosi:

Zdravko Radman has put together a fascinating collection of nineteen interdisciplinary essays that view the hand from philosophical, cognitive-developmental, medical, and evolutionary perspectives. The book is unique in highlighting the crucial role of the hand in virtually all areas pertaining to our mental life.

Roughly half of the essays offer a distinctively philosophical approach, combining two recent approaches in the philosophy of mind and cognitive science. . . The essays’ common thread is the attempt to persuade the reader that classical phenomenology and non-classical cognitive science can be successfully applied to the hand, enriching these areas and offering new insights. 

Silent Dialogue between a Deaf-Blind Priest & a Deaf Priest

Silent Dialogue between a Deaf-Blind Priest & a Deaf Priest

This is an article in an Asian news site about deaf-blind priest Fr. Cyril Axelrod (originally from South Africa) reuniting with his friend, the first and only Korean deaf priest, Park Min-seo. Essentially, it is world news about an entirely silent, tactile conversation between two preachers. Fr. Cyril, who recently won an Order of the British Empire for his work in Korea, was the person who inspired Min-seo to persevere in becoming a priest so that he too could preach to the deaf.