Ad Orientem Worship from the Deaf Perspective (by Audrey Seah)


Notre Dame Ph.D. candidate Audrey Seah, who is studying enculturation in Deaf Catholic communities, recently had this to say in Part I of a special post over at Pray Tell

In recent weeks, much ink has been spilled over Cardinal Sarah’s speech encouraging all priests to celebrate Mass ad orientem and the Vatican’s clarification note that followed. Numerous opinion pieces have appeared supporting either side of the issue or the co-existence of both in support of liturgical diversity. In view of what has been discussed, I do not wish to critique or rehash the arguments for and against ad orientem worship, but would like to offer an alternative perspective is seldom considered – that of the Deaf who use American Sign Language (ASL) in worship and those with special needs such as auditory processing (the hearing version of dyslexia) or speech and language impairments.

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